How do I post a message?

By posting messages on the Hoplr platform you can easily and quickly reach your neighbours. Hoplr members use these messages:

  • to get to know their neighbours better
  • to borrow a ladder or a drill from a neighbour
  • to inform the neighbourhood about a runaway pet, babysitting...
  • to find a good plumber or carpenter in the neighbourhood
  • to inform their neighbours about burglaries or traffic reports
  • to do collective buying together with neighbours for e.g. firewood, vegetables...
  • to announce a yard sale or neighbourhood party

How does this work exactly?

Via the website:

  1. Go to and sign up in your neighbourhood
  2. At the top of the page you can see different types of messages. Choose the button that fits your message best. Find more information here
  3. Give your message a title
  4. Write the content of your message
  5. Add an image if necessary
  6. Choose a category. This is no longer necessary if you have already chosen the appropriate button in step 2.

Via the mobile app for Android and Iphone:

  1. Open the app
  2. At the top of the page choose the type of message you want to post: 'Message', 'I'm looking for', 'Idea'...
  3. Choose a clear title
  4. Write the content of your message
  5. Add an image if necessary (click on the camera icon below)
  6. Click 'Post a message'

Messages cannot be placed via e-mail. In order to do this you have to use the website or mobile app for iPhone or Android


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