How can I create an 'Activity' message?

If you want to post a message in your Hoplr neighbourhood, you'll have to select a category first. Click on one of the tiles at the top of your neighbourhood feed. 



Organise an activity and invite your neighbours. If you don't have your activity planned out yet, you can leave open the date to check for interest and availability first. 

  1. Click on 'Activity'.

  2. Choose a theme for your activity.


  3. Do you have a date for your activity? Enter a start and end date (make sure it's in the future). Select 'I don't have a date yet' if you want to see what your neighbours say first.


  4. Name your activity.

  5. Describe your activity. Keep our Hoplr house rules in mind.

  6. If you want, add an activity, location and/or price (if you want to add a price, don't include a currency sign).

  7. Click 'Post'.


Your activity will automatically be added to the calendar. Read more on the neighbourhood calendar, here.

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