What kind of messages can I post in my neighbourhood?

  • Message : Messages that do not fit within a suggested category. This can be related to anything in the neighbourhood.

  • I am looking for : You are looking for a professional and want the advice of your neighbours? Ask their opinion by using this topic.

  • I want to borrow : You temporarily want to use tools or something similar, ask your neighbours. Read here how to.

  • Idea : You want to achieve or organize something and need help with it? Or do you have an idea to promote the neighborhood? Ask the opinion and/or help from your neighbours. You can even inform the city council of your idea (if they use Hoplr). Read here how to.

  • Activity : You organize a party, BBQ or flea market? Invite your neighbours. Read here how to.

  • Notification : Has anything happened in your neighbourhood, that your neighbours have to know about? This can be a power outage or a burglary, but also a dangerous ditch in the road. Read here how to place a report.

  • Collective buying : Are you aware of a large quantity of firewood for sale? Do you want to close an electricity deal with your supplier? Read here how to place a Group Purchase in your neighbourhood.

  • Babysit : Do you have young children and would you like to go out for a night? Do you have a son/daughter who would like to earn a penny? Ask your neighbours, read here how to.

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