How do I start the conversation?

  1. Try to leave a comment or a like where you can.
    This interaction is important to give members the feeling that messages are being read. In case of a reaction, an e-mail is sent to the person that posted the message, a like only sends out a notification.

  2. Break the ice by talking about interesting topics.
    Popular discussions are generally about mobility, nature and safety in the neighbourhood. All kinds of interesting questions also get a lot of interaction, such as tips, help or questions about your experience with professionals (garden contractor, carpenter, plumber, bakery, butcher, etc...) or a search for babysitters. Asking something, it doesn't matter how trivial it is, always evokes a lot of commitment.

  3. Use pictures to arouse interest and strengthen the neighbourhood atmosphere.
    Post nice pictures of an event, flea market or activity in the neighbourhood. Maybe you stil have some old pictures of the neighbourhood? We're sure the neighbours would love to see how the neighbourhood has changed over time.

  4. A few weeks or months after the Hoplr neighbourhood has been set up, you can ask about your neighbours' experiences and what can be improved.
    The founder or ambassador is the switchpoint between the neighbourhood and the Hoplr team. If you think a particular function or topic might do well in your neighbourhood, let us know and we will check if it's feasible.

  5. Help your neighbours out, not everyone is a computer or smartphone expert.
    Some neighbours may use some tips when they just started using Hoplr. If you already have some experience with our platform, you can share that experience with your neighbours. For example, you can highlight the functions 'I want to borrow something' or 'Group purchase'. This is something that differentiates Hoplr from Facebook, for instance.

  6. Try to compensate possible negativity with positive messages.
    No matter how well a Hoplr neighbourhood works, there will always be things that can be improved. It's easy to lose yourself in a negative atmosphere. If you feel that there is too much negativity in your neighbourhood, you can try to post a message with a positive connotation, like an invitation for an enjoyable get-together. This way, issues can be discussed personally and it might make it easier to put things into perspective.
  7. Good messages provoke interaction.
    Don't post too much messages about all possible events or news items in your neighbourhood. Your neighbours are able to look this up if they wish. If you still want to share an event, you can ask your neighbours a question or share something they did not know about the event yet.

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