What makes a good ambassador?

An ambassador takes care of his neighbourhood and neighbours. He or she watches over the conversations without censoring but can intervene when necessary. If the neighbourhood gets a bit stuck, the ambassador can get the conversation going again by placing an appropriate message. A good ambassador respects his or her neighbours and uses the administrator rights in a well thought-out way.

  • Do not monopolise the feed
  • Do not act as the local news anchor
  • Do not just delete messages (*)
  • Guiding is better than leading
  • Help your neighbours out where you can
  • Be an example for your neighbours (**)
  • Be a link between your neighbours and the Hoplr team
  • Make sure that the platform has no secrets for you

(*) Delete messages only if they violate the house rules, not because they are dated or no longer relevant.

(**) Complete your profile as completely as possible, use a recognizable profile photo, be open and honest to your neighbours.


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