Where should I give away or donate items I no longer need?

With the help of digital neighbourhood network Hoplr, you can easily reach many of your neighbours at once. Read how to register for your Hoplr neighbourhood, here.

If you have an item you no longer need, but is still in good condition, you can give it away on Hoplr (except for animals and prescription drugs). Not only is it beneficial for social contact within the community to help a neighbour, but it's close and easy to make arrangements, too. Remember: don't use Hoplr to sell items.

If you want to post a message in your Hoplr neighbourhood, you'll need to pick a category first. Click on one of the tiles at the top of the neighbourhood feed (Home). 





  1. Click the 'Freecycle' tile.

  2. Choose a clear title for your message.

  3. Write your message, keeping the Hoplr house rules in mind. 


  4. Add a clear picture of the item you're giving away.

  5. Click 'Create message'.


  6. When practical arrangements are in order, exchange contact information in private chat.

  7. Comment on your own message once the item has found a new owner. There's no need to delete your message, it may still be of help to others. 


  • Free: chicken fence
  • Giving away two chairs in great condition
  • Leftover vegetables from garden

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