Why wouldn't our partners use their own platforms?

When organisations such as municipalities use their own channels like social media, websites and apps, they have the advantage that they have full control. But it brings a number of disadvantages too.

Control means responsibility, the responsibility to develop the channel and maintain the platform. When using a platform like Hoplr, organizations do not have to worry about that.

We ensure a stable growth of the neighbourhoods, we are stand-by for problems and questions from the users, we will intervene when necessary and guarantee the users' privacy. We therefore have an in-house technical team, so the platform is always operational and continuously improving.

Aditionally, our specialism provides an expertise that enables us to assist our partners at a level that exceeds the platform. For example, we regularly write about community management and social cohesion.

Finally, a private - and therefore controlled - channel also implies that users can have the feeling that they are not allowed to speak freely. Hoplr is independent, giving users a sense of trust. That is why our partners do not get any insight into the neighbourhoods either. By means of the dashboard, however, they do see aggregated and anonymous statistics which are extracted from the neighbourhoods.

Read here what the difference is between Hoplr and Facebook following our users.

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