Why do partners use Hoplr mostly?

Partners who use the service dashboard mainly post messages to spread information or raise awareness in Hoplr neighbourhoods. The most popular topics are road works, safety measures or garbage that was not collected.

In addition, events or initiatives are often announced on the platform. When doing this, users of the dashboard like to take the opportunity to look for volunteers.

What makes the messages really interesting is the fact that they can cause two-way traffic between members of Hoplr and our partners. People who post the messages in one or several neighbourhoods frequently ask for input or remarks from Hoplr members. Disabling reactions is also possible on the other hand.

Finally, our partners mainly use the dashboard to consult statistics. These stats show how satisfied residents are about their neighbourhood in terms of safety or the environment for instance. Furthermore, they state which topics are most discussed in the neighbourhood, together with information on demography. This allows our partners to work on improvements where it's necessary.

Read all about the service dashboard here.

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