What is the social added value of Hoplr?

Many people agree that the most popular social media create loneliness. We thought so too, but at the same time we strongly believe that this doesn't necessarily have to be the case. By creating the Hoplr platform, we try to counter isolation and bring people closer together in real life.

This is a goal in which we succeed, because Hoplr is primarily a platform to connect neighbours. Once that step is taken, it becomes much easier for neighbours to actually meet eachother. Consequently Hoplr ensures social cohesion; virtually and physically.

The platform also makes it easier for people to ask for and offer help. This not only creates social contact, but also contributes to the trend towards a sharing economy, which is again an added value for the neighbourhood.

At the same time, those in need will be able to make a contribution themselves and step out of their role as the requesting party. Everyone can help out.

At the service dashboard side, Hoplr partners (municipalities, intermunicipal companies, project developers, etc.) can also make a contribution. They can post messages of general interest, ask the opinion of residents or take action in the neighbourhoods based on statistics that are extracted from the platform.

Neighbourhood workers also have the opportunity to be active in multiple neighbourhoods and in that way increase social cohesion.

Some reviews :

"I have been helped a lot after subscribing to Hoplr, also for follow-up. I had ended up in isolation due to my disability and I almost didn't go out anymore. By using the platform I have been contacted by people of the Public Centre for Social Welfare. Thanks for making this possible."


"It's a great idea to get to know your neighbours. I'm suffering from a muscle disease and I just might need a good neighbour to do a job that I can't do anymore. The platform is not only useful for this reason, but maybe I can also be of any service in the future. Fantastic!"


"Thank you for this great web site. As a volunteer for the Health Service this site is very useful to me. It's a good way to get to know our neighbours and even offer help to them. I even met a neighbour who recognized me from my profile picture on Hoplr. The site is very easy to use, easy to read, works fast and is accessible to everyone in the area. The calendar is well-organized and easy to read. The same goes for chatting and posting messages. This is a very good addition to our computer!"


"I think Hoplr is a very nice initiative! It helped me getting to know a blind man in my neighbourhood. He had received too many tennis balls for his guide dog and asked if they could be of any use to somebody. We could use them at our school and that's how we met each other. Every now and then I do some shopping for him. In return he will tell his story to the children in my class. That's what he really wants to do. Furthermore I was able to get some stuff for my class via Hoplr. Recently we had to do some tinkering with plastic bottles and a man in the neighbourhood was kind enough to collect them for my children. Another family gave me a few small cupboards that I can also use in my classroom... So I think Hoplr is a very good thing! "


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