Can a neighbour share information about me on Hoplr?

You are not allowed to share anyone else's information or property on Hoplr unless you have received explicit permission. This means that without the other person's permission:

  • you cannot post pictures of other people or their property (with the exception of lost items*) on Hoplr;
  • you cannot share personal information such as a phone number, number plate number, address or email address; and
  • you cannot share screenshots or (pieces of) text from a private or group conversation (from Hoplr or other channels).

Even if the information cannot be linked to the person in question (e.g. because the message is anonymised), we may remove the message upon receiving a report.

We trust the common sense of users to only mention neighbours by name in a positive context. Neighbours are welcome to pay tribute to each other. Slander, on the other hand, will obviously not be tolerated.

Read how to report a message, here.

Apart from the above, users are not allowed to share messages, screenshots, data,... from a Hoplr neighbourhood anywhere else. Read more, here.

* Be careful with payment cards and letters, they may contain sensitive information.

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