How can I invite friends or neighbours?

Inviting neighbours is essential in order to engage and activate your Hoplr neighbourhood. The more neighbours are informed about Hoplr, the more useful it will be for you too!

Go to your neighbour list via the website or app and click on 'Invite your neighbours'. With the website, you can also click on your profile picture and choose the 'Invite your neighbours' option.


Here you will be shown 4 possibilities to invite your neighbours.

  1. Invite your partner and other family members. Enter their e-mail address and they will get an invitation mail in their inbox.


  2.  Order a free package of invitation letters. (This is currently unavailable)

  3. Print invitation letters. This invitation letter contains a code which people can use to automatically get access to your Hoplr neighbourhood. Handle these with caution, only distribute them within your own neighbourhood.


  4. Print our window poster. Put up these posters anywhere to let your neighbours know you're a member of the online network. Use them on your window, local businesses or events.



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