What are Photo albums and how does it work?

With the 'Photo Albums' section we want to give nice photos from the past AND now their own place in the Hoplr neighbourhood. Think of:

  1. Photos of neighbourhood activities
  2. A photo album of a successful neighbourhood party
  3. Special stories from residents
  4. A beautiful or unique place in the neighbourhood
  5. Old photos showing what the neighbourhood used to look like
  6. Historical moments...

What is the purpose of photo albums?

Hoplr is already being used very well to call on the neighbourhood: for help requests, information, exchaning items, etc. We call this 'instrumental' use. 

With Photo albums, we want to encourage residents to also reflect on what the neighbourhood means to them. What are important places? What beautiful memories do you have of the neighbourhood? 

Photo albums are what we call 'expressive'.

How can I view photo albums?

We find photo albums very important, so they received a prominent place in the neighbourhood overview. Just below the most recent message(s), you already get a preview.



You can also click through to 'Photo Albums' at the very top under 'More'. There you can click on the shared photos or add your own photos.


Click on a phototo see the details: who posted the photo, where it was taken and what year it dates from. 

You can click on the arrows on the left and right to immediately go to the other photos. Click on 'Overview' at the top left to exit. On the right, you can also zoom in and out

How can I respond to a photo (album)?

At the bottom of a photo (album) you will see the name of who shared the photo and the description (if there is one). There you can also: 

  • leave an expression (Thanks, Like, Wow, Haha, Friendly, Sad)
  • leave a comment
  • report the profile by clicking the arrow on the right

How can I add a photo? 

  1. Click on the plus sign next to 'Photo albums'.

  2. Click on 'Add photo album'.

  3. If necessary, add a description, indicate which year the photo dates from and where the photo was taken.

  4. If you want, you can immediately add more photos

  5. Finally, choose whether your photos can also be shared outside the closed neighbourhood. In that case, we can, for example, use your photo on the public page of your neighbourhood. Then people who have not yet registered can also see your photo, and hopefully become even more interested in joining.


More questions? Contact us

Send an email to support@hoplr.com

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