Is neighbour help free?

Generally speaking, neighbour help is free, especially when it concerns informal (non-professional) help. The general idea is that neighbours can count on each other within a framework of 'reciprocity'. Not necessarily because they should expect something return, but because all members of the community can offer or use some form of help from time to time. This way, help becomes more than a mere 'transaction'. Free neighbour help mainly contributes to a sense of community and inclusion. And that is what Hoplr is all about. 

However, we cannot expect all professional services to simply be free of charge. Besides, we would rather see a user being helped by a local professional, for the usual fee, than not at all. 

Clear communication is key. Do you want to help out a neighbour, for a fee? Make that clear beforehand, or refer the person requesting help to your usual channels, such as your business' website. Don't expect your neighbour to know that the help is not free. 

Tip: Consider a neighbourly price. This way, you can still offer some extra help to your neighbour, but it is crystal clear that there is in fact a price attached. 

Hoplr is a communication tool, not a transaction platform. Therefore, we are not liable for the exchanges that may or may not take place.

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