How do I invite friends or neighbours?

Inviting neighbours is essential to make your Hoplr neighbourhood an active and engaged community. The more neighbours are informed about Hoplr, the more useful it will be for you too!

How do you invite your neighbours? Go to your neighbours list via our website or our app and click on 'Invite your neighbours'. Via our website you can also click on your profile picture and choose the 'Invite your neighbours' option.

Here you will be shown 5 possibilities to invite your neighbours.

  1. Invite your partner or other family members. If every Hoplr neighbour invites their partner, your neighbourhoud will become twice as big in no time! Enter their e-mail address and they will get an invitation mail in their inbox.

  2. Invite your neighbours via e-mail. Do you have the contact details of some of your neighbours? You can invite them easily by entering their email address here. If you think that some of your friends or family that don't live in your neighbourhood could make good use of Hoplr, don't hesitate to invite them too. The invitation email does not contain a code specifically for your neighbourhood. If necessary, use the buttons to directly select email addresses from your Outlook or Gmail account, so you don't have to copy/paste them.

  3. Share an invitation link via Facebook or Messenger. The link will automatically be pasted into a message, which you can then provide with a text. You will be able to see if people have accepted your invitation. You can also simply share the link via other media.

  4. Distribute our flyer with a neighbourhood code. This invitation letter contains a code which people can use to automatically get access to their neighbourhood. So please distribute the letters carefully in the postoffice boxes in your neighbourhood only. This is the most efficient way to acquire people, but it also requires the biggest effort.

  5. Print our window poster. You can agree with your neighbours to put a poster on your window stating that you are a Hoplr member. This will certainly arouse the interest of your neighbours. In addition, you can easily use the poster for associations, local topics or even events.

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