Should I register with an e-mail address, Facebook or Apple Login?

When creating an account, you have to choose whether you wish to register with your e-mail address, Facebook or Apple Login. The latter is only available through the iOS app.



  • Should you choose to register with Facebook, Hoplr will use the data from your Facebook account to create your Hoplr account (if you are logged in correctly on Facebook). You will continue on to log in with Facebook, so you won't need to remember a password.
  • Do you have an Apple Login? You can use it to register now and log in later.

  • When signing up with an e-mail address, you have to fill in your first name, last name, e-mail address and a password. 



The downside of signing up with Facebook or Apple is that it's trickier to change your e-mail address later on. In that case, you'll have to disconnect your Hoplr account after all. Read how.

Other than that, using these third parties to register is completely safe. There is no exchange of data between the apps, apart from the bare necessity to create your account. 

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