What should I write in my introduction message?

When you are accepted to your Hoplr neighbourhood, we ask you to write an introduction message. The text you write here will immediately be posted to the neighbourhood. Neighbours can welcome you and comment on your message. In other words, the introductory message is your entrance into the Hoplr neighborhood.

Moreover, it is a very casual first opportunity to get in touch with your neighbours. Maybe a neighbour recognises you from school. Or someone might want to make use of one of your talents.

The more you tell about yourself, the greater the chance that a real contact will follow. However, don't this introduction message into an essay, as your neighbours may not want to read it as carefully.

What to include in your introduction?

  • What is your relationship with the neighbourhood?
    Have you lived in the neighbourhood for a long time, did you return there after having lived elsewhere for years, do you like living there,...
  • Who do you live with?
    If you have children, be sure to mention their ages. Don't forget your pets!
  • How can you help the neighbourhood?
    You certainly have more to offer than you think. You can mention your profession or business, talents, hobbies, or simply that you have the time to lend a hand or have a chat. Maybe you have some materials your neighbours are welcome to use.
  • What are your expectations for Hoplr?
    Do you hope to join forces with your neighbours for a safer community? Would you like to organise a neighbourhood drink every now and then? Or do you mainly want to be kept up to date with events in your neighbourhood? By expressing your desires you might inspire others.


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