Is Hoplr safe?

Safety and security are part of our Hoplr manifest


1. Hoplr protects your data as dictated by the European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). We do not share or sell any personal data with external parties.


2. Every Hoplr neighbourhood is closed off. In order to gain access to your neighbourhood, you're required to fill in your home address. The neighbourhood code, which you may have received through our invitation letter, allows for a quicker registration process. Access to a Hoplr neighbourhood will be granted upon:

  • validation of your neighbourhood code;
  • approval by one of your neighbours; or
  • sending a picture of a recent bill with proof of name and address to

3. We never share your mail address, phone number or house number with your neighbours or local government. If you should wish to share any personal information in order to meet with a neighbour, we suggest you use Hoplr's private chat function.

4. You choose what information you share or don't share with your neighbours, and to what degree you wish to fill out your profile. However, to stimulate trust among users, the neighbourhood list does show profile names and street names of all registered neighbours.

5. You are responsible for whatever you choose to share on any social platform. Be mindful of what you post. Avoid sharing times you will not be at home and don't post about valuable items in your home.

6. We take several measures to limit misuse of the platform and discourage outsiders to try to register by:

  • allowing one account per mail address;
  • automatic detection against spam;
  • anonymous reporting system against messages or profiles;
  • limiting reach to one single neighbourhood;
  • making Hoplr inaccessible to search engines;
  • not allowing commercial or political messages; and
  • by focusing on positivity, engagement, inclusion, citizen participation and care.

However, if you're unsure about the legitimacy of a certain profile, or you observe any breeches - please do report the profile.

7. In order to better secure our applications, we make use of the latest technology. Most recently, we've set up a continuous collaboration with Intigriti, a network of Ethical Hackers.

8.  Hoplr is not only safe and closed off, it can actually contribute to the safety of the neighbourhood, by means of social control. In case of a break-in or suspicious activity, Hoplr allows you to notify your neighbours in no time. 

Digital platforms can never assume their total security. But there are numerous steps we can take to minimise risk, by tracking and preventing misuse. People with bad intentions are a fact of life, but Hoplr chooses to be there for the many people with good intentions. 

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