Is Hoplr reliable?

Safety and privacy are one of our Hoplr manifesto's five promises.

  1. Hoplr secures and protects your data compliant to European data protection regulation (GDPR). We will never share or sell your personal data.

  2. Every Hoplr neighbourhood is closed. To gain access to your Hoplr neighbourhood, you will be asked to fill in your home address. Access to a (single) Hoplr neighbourhood will be granted if:
    - the correct neighbourhood code is used (per invitation letter);
    - the account is verified through a validated phone number;
    - an image of a recent bill with proof of address to; or
    - a verified user from the Hoplr neighbourhood or a community manager accepts.

  3. We will never share your e-mail address, phone number or house number with anyone. That includes your Hoplr neighbours, Hoplr neighbourhood and local government. Should you choose to share any of the above personal info, we recommend using Hoplr's private chat.

  4. You decide what personal info besides profile name and street name you share with your Hoplr neighbours and to what degree you complete your profile. 

  5. Just like on any social network, you're in charge of the information you share online. Post responsibly. For instance, don't post about valuable items or holidays.

  6. We're taking measures to limit misuse and to discourage people who don't actually live in the neighbourhood from registering:
    - only one account per e-mail address;
    - automatic spam detection;
    - anonymous manual reporting system;
    - reach limited to the borders of the Hoplr neighbourhood;
    - closing off content from search engines:
    - no advertising or political messages; and
    - focus on positivity, engagement, inclusion and care.

    If you're doubting the authenticity of a profile or if you've encountered other violations, we encourage you to report.

  7. In order to keep improving our applications' security, we make use of the most recent technologies. As such, we've established a collaboration with Intigriti, Europe's number one network of ethical hackers.

  8. Not only is Hoplr a safe and closed digital neighbourhood network, it may actually contribute to the neighbourhood's security by means of social control. In case of a break-in or suspicious situation, neighbours can alert each other in no time.

Digital networks can never assume their impenetrability, but they can do everything possible to detect and prevent misuse. There will always be people with bad intentions. But we want to be there for all those people with good intentions.

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