What is Hoplr's business model?

Hoplr consists of 3 applications. Two of them, our website and mobile app, are free. The third application, the Service Dashboard (or SDB), is not free. We provide licenses to third parties such as local governments, public utilities, intermunicipal companies and organisations that are active in the public sector. Our goal is to promote the service and communication to citizens without a commercial approach.

What possibilites does the SDB offer to these parties?

  1. The dashboard allows them to communicate on a neighbourhood level. Service Dashboard users can post messages in one, several or all neighbourhoods. This way, they can inform citizens about relevant events such as road works or waste collection. An imporant side note is that our partners can only see reactions to their own messages. They can't see what Hoplr members are talking about in their neighbourhood feed.

  2. Our customers get a lot of information from the dashboard. All this information is always aggregated, anonymous and in line with the European GDPR privacy legislation. For example, the dashboard allows our customers to monitor the growth of the neighbourhoods and they can see how satisfied residents are when it comes to safety, mobility, care or nuisance. By following these guidelines, the privacy of the citizens is guaranteed, but our partners can still learn enough about their neighbourhoods to improve their provision of services.

  3. We also offer our partners the possibility to organise citizen participation. This means they can ask input from their residents or they can organise polls about all sorts of topics. Neighbours can also share their ideas with these parties.

  4. Hoplr also makes the SDB available for social cohesion and community care. Neighbourhood workers, community educators and district managers can have access to different neighbourhoods to promote social cohesion and answer assistance requests.

The Service Dashboard ensures that local authorities, public utilities and intermunicipal companies are closer to the citizen. At the same time, we ensure that citizens are well informed about what is important in their neighbourhood. 


For more information about the Service Dashboard, visit services.hoplr.com.

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