How time-consuming is Hoplr for external parties?

The Service Dashboard is all about unburdening our partners, especially local governments.

Launching the Hoplr neighbourhoods

Before the official launch, some decisions need to be made. Our team then takes care of the execution. Any additional effort from your side (such as a promotional campaign) is welcome. 

After a demonstration (without obligations of course), we provide you with our step-by-step implementation sheet.

Using the Service Dashboard

The amount of time it takes to manage the Service Dashboard, depends on your motivation.

A project developer or utility company, for instance, may limit use to updates or alerts revolving nuisance. Posting a message is intuitive and doesn't take up much time.

Other partners - often local governments - prefer to post consistently. We recommend posting one message per week. Planning and follow-up won't take more than a couple of hours on a weekly basis

Do you plan on using Hoplr for neighbourhood care and citizen engagement as well? Of course, this will take up some more time.

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