What are external parties saying about Hoplr?

Hoplr is a very useful platform. We are able to inform the citizens of Ghent and Destelbergen more easily when something changes in the garbage collection rounds. We’ve been putting it to good use the last couple of months, for instance when the heavy snowfall caused some changes in our rounds.

Koen Van Caimere, head of information and communication IVAGO

It’s an interesting channel that allows us to efficiently communicate with the neighbourhoods specifically, whether it’s about roadworks, local initiatives, meetings,… And we can always count on positive replies to our messages.

Dirk Mattheeuws, project manager participation Mechelen

The Hoplr initiative is an additional means to enhance social cohesion. Citizens use it to stay up to date with their neighbourhood, to organise activities, to receive alerts from the city, local authorities or fire department or just to chat with other citizens. Every user has to verify their address, which allows for certain social control. If Hoplr’s guidelines are not being followed – for example, a neighbour is not being respectful – Hoplr may intervene. To the city, it’s an interesting channel to communicate with citizens quickly and efficiently. About road works, local initiatives, meetings,… Hoplr guarantees privacy for all users. External partners can only spread messages that are relevant to the citizens.

Katleen Den Roover – Alderman of Neighbourhoods and Town related matters, City of Mechelen

This system allows us to connect citizens digitally. On Hoplr, they can meet, exchange items, launch ideas and initiatives. We’re actually creating a virtual neighbourhood, an alternative way to make new contacts and fight isolation.

Johan Vande Lanotte – Mayor of the City of Ostend

In a short period of time, many inhabitants have subscribed to their virtual neighbourhood. This goes to show there’s a need for a platform to enhance community feeling in the neighbourhoods. Before the launch of our community work, we were looking for a system to match citizens’ supply and demand. With Hoplr, this turned out to be achievable.

Liesbeth Lathouwers, community worker Olen

Through Facebook and mail, citizens often feel like we’re up in an ivory tower somewhere. In reality, we’re here with them and we don’t like the noise or drillings either. On Hoplr, it seems that citizens know that we’re local and we get more credit for that. Hoplr is a positive platform. It is an added value to our communication strategy and it allows us to interact with otherwise hard to reach citizens, in a social and local manner.

Jef Vercammen – Communication Noorderlijn

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