What about language legislation on Hoplr?

Language legislation regulates the use of language in Belgian administrations, both with the citizen and internally. That language is determined territorially. 

What does this mean for communication on or from Hoplr?

  1. Hoplr is a private company. The Hoplr team and our users are free to use languages as they please (with some reasonable exceptions).

  2. Hoplr has international ambitions. As a private company, we're within our rights to make the platform available in any language.

  3. Notifications' language is determined by your account settings. The initial language settings depend on your browser or device. Read: how do I change the language settings of my account?

  4. Local administrations merely make use of Hoplr, as one of their communication channels. They do not control any functionalities the platform offers.
  5. Hoplr's communication and local governments' communication (or any other partner for that matter) are completely separate from one another.

So no language legislation, but Hoplr does have some house rules. Among other things, they state that Hoplr neighbours are to treat each other with respect. We expect tolerance and constructive dialogue from our users. 

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