Hoplr house rules

  1. Respect your neighbours
    Our moderators will remove any discriminating and offensive messages.

  2. Be helpful
    Help your neighbours whenever possible and contribute to a warmer neighbourhood.

  3. Keep it relevant to the neighbourhood
    You can give a brief introduction of what you do when you enter the neighbourhood, but keep it to a minimum. Advertising is not allowed. This means: promotions, political messages or an abundance of bargains. However, you are allowed to give away items or, as an exception, post one message with (multiple) item(s) for sale.

  4. Keep the dialogue meaningful
    Hoplr is not a wailing wall. Problems can be discussed, but keep it friendly, civilised and constructive.

  5. Use your real identity
    Hoplr neighbourhoods are based on trust. We ask users to register under their real full name. A recognisable profile picture is appreciated.

  6. Respect the privacy
    Do not share information or property of neighbours unless you have express permission.

  7. Not a dating app
    Hoplr is a neighbourhood network, not a dating app. If you are looking for a date or relationship, we advise you to use another platform. 

Neighbours can report messages and profiles that fail to follow these guidelines. Reports of your messages or profile may result in the following sanctions:

  • Temporary ban of an account
  • Permanent ban of an account


More questions? Contact us

Send an email to support@hoplr.com

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