Hoplr house rules

  1. Respect your neighbours
    Discriminating and offensive messages are not tolerated on Hoplr and can be removed.

  2. Be helpful
    Help your neighbours wherever possible and contribute to a more caring neighbourhood.

  3. Do not use Hoplr as your personal billboard
    You can introduce your company or organisation, but keep it limited. Selling items or posting political messages is not allowed.

  4. Keep the dialogue meaningful
    Hoplr is not a wailing wall. Problems can be discussed but keep it friendly, civilized and constructive.

  5. Use your real identity
    Hoplr neighbourhoods are based on trust. We ask users to use their real name and first name. A recognizable profile photo is appreciated.

Failure in following these house rules may result in a report of your message or profile by one of your neighbours. Repeated reporting on messages may result in the following sanctions:

  • Temporary non-activity of an account
  • Permanently delete an account


More questions? Contact us

Send an email to support@hoplr.com

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