Hoplr house rules

  1. Respect your neighbours
    Discriminatory and very offensive messages will not be tolerated on Hoplr and will be removed.

  2. Be helpful
    Help out your neighbours if they need it. Not everyone is an expert when it comes to computers, some people can also use some help when using Hoplr.

  3. Do not use Hoplr as a bill board
    A one-time promotion or introduction of your business is possible, but make sure that the interest of the neighbourhood comes first. We don't allow any form of sales on Hoplr, unless one of your neighbours asks for it. And there is nothing wrong with giving stuff away .

  4. Keep the discussion meaningful
    Hoplr is not a wailing wall. Problems can be discussed but keep it friendly, civilized and positive.

  5. Use your real identity
    Hoplr neighbourhoods are built on trust. We also advise our members to use a recognizable profile picture and their official name. This means that only individuals can be Hoplr members. Organisations and businesses can be registered in the local company guide.

* Failure in following these house rules may result in a report of your message or profile by one of your neighbours. Repeated reporting on messages may result in the following sanctions:

  • Temporary non-activity of an account
  • Permanently delete an account


More questions? Contact us

Send an email to support@hoplr.com

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