What's the difference between Hoplr and Facebook?

There are quite a lot of advantages to Hoplr neighbourhoods compared to Facebook groups. Here are the main differences:

    1. One neighbourhood: Based on your address, Hoplr automatically connects your account to the only correct Hoplr neighbourhood.

    2. Closed: Hoplr neighbourhoods are automatically closed. To gain access, one has to enter an address that belongs to a specific neighbourhood.

    3. Reliable: as a European startup, Hoplr values privacy greatly and is completely GDPR conform.

    4. Free of advertising: Read about Hoplr's business model, here.

    5. Neighbourhood centred: Hoplr was built with the neighbourhood in mind. Its functionalities contribute to social cohesion, inclusive neighbourhoods, physical encounters and citizen engagement.

    6. Citizen engagement: Hoplr stimulates citizen initiative and allows you to share ideas with your local government.(*)

    7. Communication from your local government: You will receive messages, alerts, activities and opportunities to get involved, from your local government. (*)

    8. Community management: In all Hoplr neighbourhoods, the same clear house rules are in place, developed and carried out by experienced community builders.

(*) Provided that your local government is a Hoplr partner.

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