Hoplr manifesto

Hoplr has big ambitions. We consider it our responsibility to keep your online neighbourhood enjoyable and safe! Hoplr also wants to make a difference offline. In order to achieve this social impact, we have made five promises. Promises to ourselves and to you, the user. This way we will never forget why we started Hoplr.

Community first

Our communities play an essential role and it will always stay like that. That is why, in every decision, every change or every opportunity, we think about the added value for the neighbourhood and its residents in the first place.


We aspire to keep Hoplr advertisement-free forever. Our business model is built on useful collaborations with valuable parties. This way all messages in your neighbourhood remain relevant, interesting and above all advertisement-free!

Privacy by Design

Protecting personal data is our biggest responsibility. Hoplr is therefore fully compliant with the European GDPR privacy legislation. We will never sell personal data.


Hoplr is not associated with any political party or other interested parties and does not have to account to any external party. We respect each person's opinion and will not express our own; neither explicitly nor implicitly.

Social impact

Our dream is that all Hoplr neighbours meet, help and get to know each other in real life. We believe in the power of the collective. That is why we will always organise activities and continue to give tips on social contact outside the platform.

More questions? Contact us

Send an email to support@hoplr.com

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