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"After almost three weeks of use we are very enthusiastic!!! Thanks to Hoplr we already went to a garage sale, we got a visit from a neighbor, chatted with another and on Thursday we have a picnic for the climate! All thanks to Hoplr! We are therefore very grateful that we got to know this. It makes us feel much more connected with the neighborhood. Thank you very much for all your commitment to this Hoplr network, you've made a significant contribution to our quality of life."


"Registering to Hoplr has helped me a lot. I had ended up in isolation because of my disability and hardly came outside. People from the OCMW also contacted me. Thanks for accomplishing this."


"I think Hoplr is a welcome initiative and easy to use. For myself especially in terms of neighborhood information, mutual helpline and exchange of safety information between the neighbors. The quick response from the City of Leuven is also a pleasant observation and can eliminate a lot of frustration. In short, a neighborhood platform that makes connection and neighborhood renewal possible. "


"Personally, I feel much more involved in the neighborhood than I used to. I know more about what's going on and I feel more connected."


"I think it's a great idea people get to know their neighbors. I have a muscle disease and would sometimes need a good neighbor for some job that I can no longer do myself. Not only is it useful for that, but maybe I can also provide someone with some help. Superb!"


"I think Hoplr is a very nice platform. Not intrusive, no swearing, I get to know new neighbors and my neighborhood, I get and give useful tips and stay informed. Exactly what it is intended for."


"My thanks for this great site. As a volunteer at the CM, this site is very useful to me. A good way to get to know our neighbors and even be able to offer help. Even met a neighbor who recognized me by my photo on Hoplr . The site is very easy to use, easy to read, works fast and is accessible to everyone in the area. The calendar is clear and also easy to read. The same for chatting and sending messages. A very good addition to our pc !"


"I think Hoplr is a very nice initiative! I got to know a blind man near me. He had received too many tennis balls for his guide dog and asked who was doing what with them. We could use them at our school and so we spoke. Now and then I do a few errands for him. In exchange for this he will come and tell his story to the children in my class. He would like that! Furthermore, through hoplr I was able to tie some things for my class activities. we recently had a craft activity that required some kind of plastic bottles. A man nearby was kind enough to collect them for my children in the class. Another family gave me small cupboards that I can also use in my class ... I think it's a very good thing!"


"Hoplr runs as it should. Free of obligation, little whining or politically tinted remarks, practical tips and offers without putting anyone under pressure. You go along with it as you want. Some respond a bit more actively than others who find it sufficient. to know what lives in the neighborhood. This still needs some time to fully blossom, especially because it concerns a very large area, perhaps even too wide for a 'neighborhood'. Great initiative."


"My experience has been very positive. I am quickly informed about everything and can consult people in the neighborhood. I also know more about what to do. If you start working with 2 full-time, it is not always easy to still a whole social network to build in a new neighborhood. But thanks to Hoplr you meet a lot of people and you can go to your neighbors."

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