What is Hoplr's business model?

Hoplr is free for neighbours. We don't sell any personal data. And to top it off, Hoplr is free of advertising. 

External parties, however, do pay a license fee to be able to make use of the Service Dashboard. This dashboard allows them to communicate with the Hoplr neighbourhoods, without gaining access to its content.

These external parties are mainly local governments. But public utilities, intermunicipal companies and organisations active in the public sector are also eligible for the Service Dashboard. This is always to promote the service or communication to the citizen and without a commercial approach.




Hoplr offers these external parties a number of packages with functionalities, based on three programmes: 

  • Communication with neighbourhoods
    External parties can post messages, alerts and activities into one, several or all of the Hoplr neighbourhoods for which they have a license. They cannot view any of the neighbourhoods' conversations or other content. Users can however choose to share a message with an external party.

  • Inclusion and neighbourhood care
    Community workers, community officers and care providers receive a verified account and neighbourhood switch for the area in which they are active. This allows them to use Hoplr to stimulate neighbourhood care and social inclusion within the local community. Furthermore, through the Service Dashboard, external parties can set up volunteering programmes to support neighbourhood care.

  • Citizen engagement
    The Service Dashboard offers external parties several functionalities for citizen engagement, among which are anonymous and verified surveys, neighbourhood polls and citizen budget.

For more information about the Service Dashboard, visit services.hoplr.com.

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