What can I do with Hoplr?

Hoplr connects neighbours. These are the most important functionalities of the platform: 

  1. Neighbourhood messages: You can post a message when your cat hasn't come home, you want to borrow something, you have a question about the neighbourhood or local government, you want to organise an activity,...


  2. Chat: When you want to talk to a specific neighbour(s), you can make use of the chat function to either start an online private or group conversation.


  3. Neighbourhood calendar: Stay up to date with events in the neighbourhood, or take initiative and plan an activity yourself.


  4. Neighbour list: get to know the people who live nearby. View all Hoplr users from your neighbourhood in the neighbour list and view local organisations in the local directory.


  5. External parties: over hundred local governments, utility companies, project developers... are connected to Hoplr. You can communicate with relevant external parties via Hoplr.

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