What's the difference between Hoplr and Facebook?

There are actually quite a lot of advantages to a Hoplr neighbourhood compared to a Facebook neighbourhood group. Here are the main differences for you : 

  1. It's not difficult to set up a Facebook neighbourhood group and make it invisible to everyone outside of the neighbourhood, but how can the group be found by your neighbours? Hoplr makes it possible to find your neighbourhood very easily and in the meantime it ensures that it's blocked from the outside world.
  2. Hoplr uses address verification. This means that no-one from the outside has access to the group of people in the neigbourhood for commercial purposes or spam. You can also use a private Facebook group, but this can't be found by residents. And the address verification should have to be done by the administrator of the Facebook group.
  3. Everyone can join, even people without a Facebook account.
  4. Hoplr considers privacy as a very important topic. Which can't always be said about Google or Facebook.
  5. Hoplr is free of advertisments.
  6. Hoplr is tailor-made for neighbourhoods, their residents and their needs. The context of an application is very important. Hoplr people think of their neighbours, their neighbourhood and their local government. The Facebook context is friends, family and entertainment.
  7. Your whole neighbourhood is put in a convenient contact list, with a search function. The possibility to search by name, address, profession or interest allows you to quickly contact that one neighbour you were looking for, via a private message.
  8. Each user can only be active in one Hoplr neighbourhood. On Facebook people can be in different groups and also people from outside the city or municipality often get access to groups like "You live in Ghent when you..."
  9. Hoplr ensures that residents can launch ideas or initiatives that can be supported by their neighbours and that can be forwarded to the city or municipality. So there is deliberately more focus on community care, inclusion, participation, social cohesion and external parties of public benefits or public interest.
  10. Hoplr cooperates with local authorities or utilities to give neighbours access to relevant information at neighbourhood level. These external parties do not have access to the neighbourhood and are only able to see their own posted messages.

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