Where can I find a reliable babysitter?

With the help of digital neighbourhood network Hoplr, you can easily share a help request with many of your neighbours. Chances are, one of your neighbours would be happy to babysit: they're nearby and neighbourhood help is beneficial to social contact within the local community. Read how to register for your Hoplr neighbourhood, here.

If you want to post a message in your Hoplr neighbourhood, you'll need to pick a category first. Click on one of the tiles at the top of the neighbourhood feed (Home). 



  1. Click the 'Care' tile.

  2. Choose a clear title and description. If you want, add an image and/or file.


  3. Select up to two categories that fit your help request. Click 'Create message'.


  4. Your message has a button neighbours can click to start a private conversation with you. You won't be able to see this button. 


  5. Did one of your neighbours help out? Close your request and thank them. They will get a notification.


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