How can I quickly alert my neighbours when something happened?

With the help of digital neighbourhood network Hoplr, you can easily notify your neighbours about situations such as a break-in, storm or road block. Read how to register for your Hoplr neighbourhood, here.

If you want to post a message in your Hoplr neighbourhood, you'll have to select a category first. Click on one of the tiles at the top of your neighbourhood feed. 



If something happened in your neighbourhood - a dangerous situation, littering, road works,... - you may want to notify your Hoplr neighbours.

  1. Click on 'Report'.

  2. Choose whether or not you want to share your report with your local government or another external party (optional).


  3. Select a theme for your report. 


  4. Write a clear title for your message.

  5. Write your message. Keep our Hoplr house rules in mind.

  6. Indicate the location of the situation (cross road, street, region,...) avoid sharing any house numbers. Add an image and/or document if you like.

  7. Click 'Create message'.


  8. Comment on your own message with updates or when the problem is resolved.


  • Complaints about taste and smell of tap water
  • Break-in in our home
  • Blackout

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