How can I find a reliable professional nearby?

With the help of digital neighbourhood network Hoplr, you can easily ask your neighbours for their experiences and recommendations. Read how to register for your Hoplr neighbourhood, here.


If you want to post a message in your Hoplr neighbourhood, you'll need to pick a category first. Click on one of the tiles at the top of the neighbourhood feed (Home). 




If you're looking for a professional, your neighbours may be able to help, either by lending you a hand or giving recommendations. You can also consult the local directory for an overview of all registered business and organisations in the neighbourhood.

  1. Click on the 'Looking for...' tile.

  2. Choose a clear title for your message.

  3. Write your message, keeping the Hoplr house rules in mind. If you want, add an image and/or file.


  4. Click 'Create message'.

  5. Comment on your own message if you were able to find someone. There's no need to delete your message, it may still be of help to others. 

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