What do neighbours use Hoplr for most often?

Users of the digital neighbourhood network post all kinds of messages on Hoplr.

  1. Most of all, they post 'Looking for...' messages. People are looking for recommendations to find a reliable professional, they're looking for items,... And sometimes, they've actually lost something - their pet ran away for example.

  2. Many members have made a habit of posting a report when something is going on in the neighbourhood. Road works, for example. Or littering.

  3. As the neighbourhoods are growing, more and more members are organising and posting local activities. An invitation for a neigbourhood drink, for example. 

  4. Finally, Hoplr neighbours use the digital network to share and ask for ideas and opinions. Many great ideas have been formed on Hoplr, and some of them were shared with the local government.

Read all about posting the eight different types of messages, here.

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