Are political messages allowed on Hoplr?

Hoplr is a digital network for neighbours and neighbourhoods. Politics can play an important role in this context, depending on what is meant by 'politics'. The question whether the government should invest in new cycling roads is definitely an interesting topic that belongs on Hoplr.

However, our house rules sets some important boundaries, which don't allow for so-called 'party politics' or heated discussions.

  1. No advertising. This includes self promotion and the promoting of political parties. For this reason, don't post messages, activities or images that are in some way political.

  2. Respect your neighbours. Discrimination and derogatory language will not be tolerated on Hoplr. Discuss concepts, not people.

  3. Hoplr is no wailing wall. To protect the Hoplr neighbourhoods from negativity, our community managers will intervene when a certain issue keeps coming back without any conversation about a solution, or when one or multiple users keep posting negative messages.

Read more about the Hoplr house rules, here.

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