What kind of messages can I post in my neighbourhood?

  • Care: Ask for help with a chore you can't do yourself, for health reasons for example. Read more.

  • Looking for...: Ask for recommendations in your search for a professional, store or item. Read more.

  • Giveaways: Give items that you no longer need a second life with one of your neighbours. Read more.

  • Sharing: Ask your neighbours whether they have a certain item or tool you can borrow. Read more.

  • Idea: Share an idea with your neighbours and let them vote in favour or against your proposal. You can choose to share your idea with the local government. Read more.

  • Report: Notify your neighbours of a situation in the neighbourhood. You can choose to share your report with the local government. Read more.

  • Activity: Invite your local community to a neighbourhood activity. The activity doesn't need to be planned out yet. Read more. 

  • Message: Post messages that don't fit any of the other categories. Read more. 


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