How does the neighbourhood filter work?

What is the neighbourhood filter for?

The neighbourhood filter allows you to look for specific neighbourhood messages, Hoplr neighbours, external parties, shared documents and businesses. You can enter search queries, browse lists or filter messages with the use of categories.

The neighbourhood filter is useful when you're either looking for inspiration or a specific message. It's not meant to look for offers in the neighbourhood. If you're looking for e.g. a babysitter, it's better to simply post a message.




How can I search for messages or other content in my Hoplr neighbourhood?

  1. Click or tap the magnifying glass at the top right.


  2. Enter your search query in the search bar.


  3. Indicate what type of content you're looking for: messages, neighbours, external parties, documents or businesses in the local directory.


  4. If you're looking for a message, you can select a category.


  5. The system will look for your query in names, titles and texts of existing content. Results will appear from newest to oldest.


If you're looking for inspiration for a neighbourhood message, you can leave open the search bar and select a category instead. This will filter the feed to only show messages of the type you selected.



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