How can I start a private chat?


  1. Click 'Chat' in the menu at the top (third tab) or at the bottom of the app.


  2. Click 'New chat'.

  3. Select a neighbour from the list. Search by profile name or street name.


  4. Your conversation will start once you've sent your first message. This conversation will now appear in your list of chats.


You can start a private chat with a specific neighbour from a number of places.

  • For instance, click on a neighbour's profile name (from a neighbourhood message, the neighbour list, business profile,...) and then click 'Chat' in their profile.
  • In the neighbour list, every member (except for yourself) has a 'Private chat' button next to their name. 

! Treat your neighbours with respect. In private chat, too, keep Hoplr's house rules in mind.


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