When should I use the group chat?

When to use the group chat

The Hoplr group chat is very useful when you wish to discuss something with a number of members of the neighbourhood.

There are two reasons to start a group chat:

  • For repetitive messages
  • For private matters that involve multiple people

Some examples of good subjects for a group chat: 

  • Neighbourhood committee
  • Jogging group
  • Volunteers
  • Residents of an apartment
  • ...

(!) Important: give new members a chance to join. Group conversations are invisible to users who are not part of them. If applicable, ask the neighbourhood if any members would like to be added to the group chat every so often. 

Read: how to use the group chat.

When not to use the group chat

Perhaps more important, is when not to use the group chat. It's essential to the health of the neighbourhood that most communication takes place in the neighbourhood feed (not chats). If not, the neighbourhood will burn out very quickly.

Would you like to start a private conversation with one neighbour? Read how.

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