Who can contact me through private chat?

Via the chat, you can start a conversation with a Hoplr user, without others being able to read along. This can be useful, for example, to exchange contact information. Read how to start a private chat, here. 

You have received a private message and are wondering how this person got to you? These are the possibilities: 

  • This person is a member of the same Hoplr neighbourhood. All your Hoplr neighbours can start a private conversation with you, for instance via the neighbour list.
  • This person is contacting you about your company or organisation. If you have added an organisation to the local directory, you already have a company page. This page can be consulted by Hoplr members whose address is within a 10-kilometre radius of your organisation's address. Through the company page, Hoplr members can start a private conversation with you.
  • This person is contacting you about volunteer work. If you have activated neighbour help and explicitly indicated that you are available for volunteering opportunities in your area, an external party can start a private conversation with you in order to call on your help.


Don't want to receive private messages from a certain user anymore? Read how to delete messages and block this person, here.

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